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Important questions

The costs
Individual services demand also individual costs, depending on the demanded amount and nature of information, but we charge according to usual prizes in our branch of services.

Extent in time and region
In genealogical research, the focus is on Upper Austria, to some extent plus some neighboring regions, such as Bohemia, Salzburg, and Lower Austria. There you may get excellent results with quite reasonable effort.
What more general questions concerns, which can be answered without going to special archives, this can be handled at a much larger topographical scale.
In general, time can range from late middle ages to latest time, but genealogical research will concentrate mainly on 17th to early 20th century

What benefits can one get from that service?
As an academically trained and experienced historian, Dr. Hermann Rafetseder ensures founded and serious analysis and evaluation of sources. This is possible through specialized knowledge in various auxiliary sciences.
Your family history will be embedded in general historical and topographical circumstances. You can get documentation about Austrian roots without travelling abroad. Furthermore, the results of genealogical research can also be ideal gifts for various festive occasions such as birthday, birth or baptism, Christmas, etc.
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