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Data protection declaration

Declaration concerning information requirements

(Data protection declaration).

Protection of your personal data is an essential concern for me. Therefore, I process your data only on basis of the legal regulations "EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" and of Austrian law about telecommunication from 2003. In these informations I tell you about the most important aspects concerning processing of data within my website.

Contacting me
If you contact me via Email, the data you give me will be saved for six months, in order to work on your request and in case of additional questions from you. I will not give away these data without your consent. Anyway, there is NO contact form for automated gathering of data on this website at all.

Cookies / tools for web analytics and so on
This website has only the function of a visiting card. Therefore, website www.history.co.at uses NO cookies at all. Furthermore, you can NOT order any newsletter on my website, there are NO prize games, NO possibility of applying online for a job, generally NO automatized contact forms (which could gather any data), and my website also has NO webshop. The provider of my website, without my knowledge, for some time automatically provided saving of full IP addresses visiting my website. I was never aware of this obviously automatically provided offering of access statistics, never used it, and therefore changed it on May 6th 2018 to anonymizing. Since that day, there is only legally compulsive gathering of IP addresses by my webprovider without any possibility for my to see any IP addresses at all. Access to my website is documented by my webprovider (HostProfis ISP Telekom GmbH) by gathering IP addresses. BUT these data are never "verarbeitet und natürlich auch nicht an Dritte weitergegeben" neither by my webprovider nor by me (quote from an E–Mail by my webprovider from May 25th.). IP addresses cannot be tracked down to your person, neither by my webprovider nor by me; therefore these data are, according to HostProfis "nicht personenbezogen" (not related to a certain person).

Your legal rights
Users of commercial websites generally have the right of free information, adjustment, deletion, constriction, possibility of data transfer, revocation, and disagreement, what their personal data concerns. If you think, that some way of processing your data is a breach of law, or if your rights concerning data protection laws have been hurt in any way, you can also appeal to the controlling institution. In that case, this is "Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde" (Austrian authority for data protection), formerly "Datenschutzkommission", Wickenburggasse 8, A-1080 Vienna, Austria.

You can contact me in these ways:
Hermann Rafetseder (Dr. Hermann Rafetseder – Historische Dienstleistungen)
Email: ahnenforscher (at) web.de
letter: A-4040 Linz, Neufahrergasse 38
mobile phone: +43 (0) 650 / 24 36 589

The German version of this Data Protection Declaration was written by me, but closely following a sample document "Muster zur Erfüllung der Datenschutzrechtlichen Informationspflichten für Webseiten (Datenschutzerkärung)", that one done in cooperation by all Austrian chambers of commerce. You can find that sample document on website www.wko.at, there searching for "Datenschutzerklärung", then going to the document with that mentioned name. In May 2018, they still had a version from December 2017 of that document. The English version is still following the mentioned German sample document, but also written by me (and: pardon me for not being a native speaker, hope that version is good enough for English speaking visitors of my website).

Hermann Rafetseder, PhD, May 2018

The mentioned sample document for a "Datenschutzerklärung" was written for an average website with a webshop. Therefore, that sample has large parts, which simply don't fit to this website, as you can visit it now. That especially concerns webshop, cookies, web analytics, and newsletter. I added these parts of the sample to the German version of this declaration in italics and smaller letters. Please forgive me, if I leave those parts away in that English version. If anyone requires it, I still will translate those parts here, even if they are useless for this website.

Deutsche Version